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Now introducing our Still Buzzing face masks. Our face masks are on sale for £6 or 2 for £10. As with the t-shirts all proceeds go to support companies in need of marketing support along with freelancers looking for work. T-shirts are priced at £14.99 and postage is £3.50 no matter how much you order.

Down at the Social launched a scheme to help companies and freelancers get through this tough time and we hope you will help.

The fabulous Harrison Edwards (you may know him from the mega Crazy Pedro’s artwork) has created this t-shirt. Yes it’s a bee. I’m always telling clients not to do bees but we are Mancunians and it’s ours right? So we should be allowed to use it when we need it. ‘Don’t make me draw a bee’ Harrison said – but then he did, and we love it.

So the plan is – we sell the t-shirt, the profit from the t-shirt goes into a pot. Companies who need marketing support right now can then tap into this pot to gain access to freelancers with capacity and we will pay them from the pot.

The rate will be lower than normal because we don’t know how much we will raise and we want to help as many people as possible. Time will be split into half days at £50 each.

So the shout out from this is we need three things:

– Freelancers to get in touch and offer their services – email Harriet on

– Companies in need of help – be it design/ social/ PR or photography or something else, get in touch ( and we will match you with someone to help.

We only ship to mainland UK.

Still Buzzing T-Shirt
Still Buzzing T-Shirt
Short Sleeve Navy T-Shirt
Size :
Still Buzzing Face Mask
Still Buzzing Face Mask
Face Mask
Still Buzzing Face Mask (2 PACK)
Still Buzzing Face Mask (2 PACK)
Two Face Masks