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Did someone say a gin and beer drive thru?

With self-isolation in full force and supermarket shelves resembling that of a supermarket sweep, there is no better time to enjoy a nice G&T or cold pint to get us through. However getting your hands on said drinks can prove difficult, luckily Seven Brothers and Four Sisters have offered us a lifeline with the launch of a gin and beer drive-thru! 

Based in Salford, the drive thru allows you to pick up goods without even having to leave your car, minimising social content and remaining conscious of social distancing.

The post on the Seven Brothers Brewery Page said: “We know how hard and confusing things are at the moment and social distancing is a must so if you live local and want to collect your online orders without having to come inside and mingle then just tick the “drive thru” box in your cart and head down between 10-5 weekdays and 10-2 Saturdays the day after you place your order (or any day after that).”

You can also choose to turn up and the drive thru, order and pay whilst there. The initiative is another great way we can all support local businesses and show them our love.  

Check out the incredible Seven Brother web shop and get ordering some brilliant beers.

Gin lovers, head to

The drive thru is situated at Waybridge Industrial Estate on Daniel Adamson Road in Salford, M50 1DS. 

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